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To whom it may concern!

Subject: Offering capacity and cooperation in Crisis and Change Management

Dear Sir/Madam,

The coronavirus pandemic almost made the world stop, and it has caused critical challenges for most Hungarian and regional companies and economic operators.

We are able to offer you over 20 years of experience in Crisis, Change and Project Management with an established professional background. With many years of experience in leadership, international and joint venture businesses, we are ready to implement the following tasks for your Company: due diligence to short deadlines, and business model analysis from the point of view of sustainability. We also provide suggestions for improving business processes and optimizing structures. In addition, we can participate in or even lead Change Management Projects to assist the re-organised company after the completion of the Crisis Management by taking over all the laborious chores, which are part and parcel of running a company and which can be ethically undertaken.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Waiting for your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Csaba Haranghy


• Project organization
• Project management
• Change management
• Operational advice
• Implementation of risk assessment system, analyse potential risk and planning responses
• Introduction of a system of reports, defining performance indicators
• Guaranteeing water quality according to standards
• Water quality control
• Development of up-to-date customer service systems
• Professional training courses, programmes
• Workforce management


• Technical development
• Developing „Event management manuals”, organising drills
• Organising „Disaster Response Team”
• Development and trade of mobile water purifiers
• Development and trade of unique water equipment
• Technical and economical audit
• Reduction of non-revenue water
• Technological process control (SCADA)
• Designing workflow tracking and management systems
• Building a geographic information systems (GIS)
• Modelling of network reconstruction
• IT Strategy development for water utilities
• Water loss analysis
• Discovery of hidden leakages
• Design, installation and commissioning of continuous network monitoring system


• Construction of public utilities (water, wastewater)
• Trenchless (NO-DIG) public utility reconstruction
• Municipal wastewater treatment
• Industrial wastewater treatment
• Stormwater treating and management
• Refurbishing of sewer systems
• Construction of flood protection structures
• Construction of stormwater protection structures
• Conservation of natural habitats
• Inspection of pipes with closed-circuit television
• Identification of infiltration
• Mechanical cleaning and disinfection of pipelines
• Installation of GRP tanks
• Construction, reconstruction and cleaning of shaft wells, horizontal wells and drilled wells
• Cleaning, external and internal repair of large-diameter gravitational potable water and waste water channels
• Construction of potable water and waste water pump houses
• Internal reconstruction and coating of potable water reservoirs, insulation against precipitation water
• Architectural, electronic and machinery reconstruction of pump stations