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• Project organization
• Project management
• Change management
• Operational advice
• Implementation of risk assessment system, analyse potential risk and planning responses
• Introduction of a system of reports, defining performance indicators
• Guaranteeing water quality according to standards
• Water quality control
• Development of up-to-date customer service systems
• Professional training courses, programmes
• Workforce management


• Technical development
• Developing „Event management manuals”, organising drills
• Organising „Disaster Response Team”
• Development and trade of mobile water purifiers
• Development and trade of unique water equipment
• Technical and economical audit
• Reduction of non-revenue water
• Technological process control (SCADA)
• Designing workflow tracking and management systems
• Building a geographic information systems (GIS)
• Modelling of network reconstruction
• IT Strategy development for water utilities
• Water loss analysis
• Discovery of hidden leakages
• Design, installation and commissioning of continuous network monitoring system


• Construction of public utilities (water, wastewater)
• Trenchless (NO-DIG) public utility reconstruction
• Municipal wastewater treatment
• Industrial wastewater treatment
• Stormwater treating and management
• Refurbishing of sewer systems
• Construction of flood protection structures
• Construction of stormwater protection structures
• Conservation of natural habitats
• Inspection of pipes with closed-circuit television
• Identification of infiltration
• Mechanical cleaning and disinfection of pipelines
• Installation of GRP tanks
• Construction, reconstruction and cleaning of shaft wells, horizontal wells and drilled wells
• Cleaning, external and internal repair of large-diameter gravitational potable water and waste water channels
• Construction of potable water and waste water pump houses
• Internal reconstruction and coating of potable water reservoirs, insulation against precipitation water
• Architectural, electronic and machinery reconstruction of pump stations