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The Hungarian Water Cluster was established in 2008 with the goal of uniting a group of Hungarian companies from different fields of the water industry and other related industries to develop and improve links in the domestic industry and expand into foreign markets. The Hungarian Water Cluster offers complex solutions to potential partners by uniting their expertise, knowledge, know-how, capacity and vitality.

In recent years the number of member companies has increased. In 2018 we had 30 member companies varying from small engineering offices to large companies with thousands of employees. These companies range from very new companies to a 150-year-old company. Due to this varied profile, the products and services offered by our members cover almost the entire scope of the water industry and some parts of related industries as well. In 2018 the number of employees of our member companies was over 3,000 and the total revenue was over € 280,000,000.

We also maintain strong relationships with Hungarian and international professional organizations, universities and colleges. The representatives of which are active participants in our private events.

The activities of our members are: planning, implementation, production, operation, services and consultancy (technical and economic). The employees of the member companies comprise a variety of professions: planners, engineers, chemical engineers, IT experts, economists, international counsellors, controllers, accountants, legal, procurement, logistic, EHS, HR and PR. In the projects we can also involve the professionals of those universities and colleges with whom we have Memorandum of Understandings.

Recently, the Cluster and our members have both jointly and individually become regular and significant participants in Hungarian and international professional organizations, and governmental delegations. Our Cluster is frequently requested by Hungarian governmental bodies to represent the Hungarian water industry at both local and foreign events, and to organize professional exhibitions. Furthermore, during this time our member companies have implemented successful projects abroad and in Hungary both in cooperation and independently.

In 2019 there was such a large number of members that it led to some negotiations among the member companies; on the basis of which - due to the different legislation, strategy and philosophy – the reorganization of the Cluster became a necessity. As one of the successor companies and legal entities of the Cluster we will continue our activities as the Magyar Vízipari Klaszter (Hungarian Water Treatment Cluster - HWTC) with the same address and contact details. The previous manpower of 3000 changed to 2,200, and thus the total revenue changed from €280,000,000 to €150,000,000, from which it can be seen clearly that the majority of the workforce belongs to HWTC.