Responsible desicion-makers for environment protection

Mr. Károly Kovács, vice-president of ASEM Water, leader of Hungarian Water Cluster is invited as speaker to ASEM High-level meeting organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural about disaster prevention and relief in response to climate change between the 12-13th of November in Hanoi.

With the main topic of preparation, protection and disaster management presentations discussed how the gaps can be reduced between science and practice for evidence riks, sensitive planning and decision making. Among the international presentatitions Mr. Kovács spoke about Integrated risk management, gave general information about Hungary (water environment, risks, floods), highlighted the risks of extreme floods and industrial disasters analysing their impacts. He introduced the waterworks of Budapest and the risks and solutions from environmental and operational safety plus he covered the red mull spill in Hungary and showed the neutralisation process and the efforst professionals had made in case of idemnities.  Dynamic elements also appeared in his presentation modelling the spread of pollution and the outsending level of scientific and technical processes of domestic hydraulics.

During the two day long conference numerous European, Asian and Middle-Eastern countries participated showing special attendance and appreciations about Hungarian presence. Mr. Kovács also had the possibility to meet the Vietnamise deputy prime minister and to make personal consultation with Agricultural and Rulal Minister. He also gave a TV interview about the current water management projects in Vietnam implemented with Hungarian assistance highlighting the aspects of disaster management, too. In his speach he enhanced the importance of awareness raising activities within the operators and consumers as well and the significance of educational and training opportunities for young Vietnamise and Hungarian experts

The typhoon had ravaged the region and disaster had caused by it gave sad importance of the event. Special attention was devoted to sustainable water management.

The next ASEM high level meeting on disaster prevention will be held in 2014 on the Philippines.
ASEM (the Asia-Europe Meeting) was initiated in 1996 when the ASEM leaders met in Bangkok, Thailand. ASEM is an informal trans-regional platform for dialogue and cooperation between the two regions and has arisen out of a mutual recognition that the relationship between Asia and Europe needed to be strengthened in light of the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


Presentation of Mr. Kovács can be downloaded from here: