9 th EWA Brussels Conference Water – Investing Today for the Future 13-14 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Karoly Kovacs, vice president of European Water Association opened and moderated the 9th EWA Brussels Conference and Dunbar Award Ceremony.


Besides his presidential role Mr. Kovacs gave a presentation with the title of From Dynamic Cost Comparison (DCC), to cost-recovery assessment – DCC Prime cost: the missing performance indicator. The importance of the topic is based on the DCC Guideline and its technical adaptation for effective EU project preparation procedures in the field of water management between 2007-2013.


Held in cooperation with the DG Environment of the European Commission, the main objective of the annual EWA Brussels Conference is to establish a dialogue between the European Commission and European water professionals and stakeholders.


Deteriorating infrastructure, particularly the mains water supply and sewerage networks, leads to high levels of unaccounted for water, pollution, poor levels of treatment and increased energy costs resolving the problems. At the same time investment is required in water resources, wastewater collection systems, treatment & disposal, flood control and flood risk management, all against the background of a changing climate.

Is the answer, proper governance, effective tariff structures and enhanced programmes of maintenance and sharing of best practice? Over two days the 9th EWA Brussels Conference brought together all the relevant stakeholders to discuss the topic 'Water - Investing Today for the Future'.

Mr Kovacs also presidented the Dunbal Medal Ceremony he delivered the highest appreciation within the EWA. The name bearer of the award, William Philips Dunbar was a pioneer in city sanitation due to his works on procedures on how to detect cholera epidemic at the end of the 19th Dunbar Medal is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution in applied technical development in the field of sewage and waste treatment and disposal.


In 2013 the Dunbar Medal winner is Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel from the Institute for Sanitary Environmental Engineering and Waste Management at the Technical University of Hanover. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, born in 1950, has been Professor and Head of the Institute for Sanitary Environmental Engineering and Waste Management at the Technical University of Hanover since 1995. The emphasis of Professor Rosenwinkel’s research has been in the advanced treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. He has been both director and coordinator of several national and international research projects.


Presentations of 9th EWA Brussels Conference are available HERE: http://www.ewa-online.eu/id-9th-ewa-brussels-conference.html